The Associazione Ticino-Kenya Youth Education (ATKYE) is a registered Trust under the Kenyan law since September 2007, and is registered in Switzerland under the CCS art. 60, since 1997. ATKYE mission is to support Kenyan youth education and overall development, with a particular focus on children from 6-18, mainly girls, with underprivileged background (orphans, single-parent family, unemployed parents with large family to support, HIV/AIDS affected families). In Gede, Coast province, ATKYE currently provides access to education within the Bambakofi School for hundreds of children and is sponsoring the education of many other children in the Kenyan Coast Province.

We are currently working with ATKYE to establish camps that provide Kenyan youth with an appropriate set of life skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership, IT, communication, entrepreneurship, and health. The camp curriculum is designed to provide employable skills and support participants overall development. In- and out-of-class activities are delivered by local professionals and international volunteers from overseas universities to ensure a high quality education and the provision of up-to-date knowledge developed in leading Universities.