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Butterfly Foundation

In collaboration with local partners, the Butterfly Foundation is developing and monitoring a variety of projects in Africa, Asia, and South America. The foundation identified three areas which would benefit from its support and expertise: building of schools, creation of irrigation systems, and development of medical infrastructures.

In particular, the Butterfly Foundation sees education as a key instrument for the growing of people and the preservation of threatened cultures. The Foundation, through the “écoles sans frontiers” program, intends to design and build schooling infrastructures, mainly within regions afflicted by extreme poverty and where attending school is usually impossible because of lack of individual resources and infrastructures available. The Foundation is also supporting the development of irrigation systems because it considers access to water a fundamental human right and not a product that should be purchased. Endemic diseases along with lack of any prevention programs are seriously threatening the life of the most disadvantaged people. The Butterfly Foundation has therefore decided to support the construction of clinics and medical infrastructures for the most at-risk populations.