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Companies are expanding their business models to integrate social and environmental elements in their core strategy and in their relations with stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the willingness of companies to conduct their activities in a socially responsible way and, when possible, to complement their social engagement with investments or donations that contribute to improve the community conditions.

Traditionally, mostly big, multinational companies leverage the potential of CSR to improve their business performance and create value for the society. However, more small and medium sized companies are now discovering the benefits from engaging their organization in a CSR approach. Benefits are obvious, especially in term of reputation and credibility within their own community. Additional benefits may include human resources development, greater customer loyalty, enhanced product/service innovation, brand development, and differentiation.

We provide support for companies of all sizes committed to engage in a corporate social responsibility strategy. Furthermore, our successful work with nonprofit organizations as well as our knowledge about the sectors in which they operate, place us in a unique position to advise companies that are willing to make philanthropic donations or community investments.