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Our Partners

CORe – University of Lugano

The Center for Organizational Research (CORe) is a project-based research organization established within the Faculty of Economics at the University of Lugano (USI). The Center’s focus is on research activities that relate to issues of organization and management theory. One area within CORe provides support for NGOs in their efforts to become sustainable organizations.

Our staff collaborates with the CORe in the areas of fundraising, project management, decision making processes, and social entrepreneurship. This collaboration allows us to bring state-of-the-art and well-established business methods to organizations that address social problems.

We collaborated with the CORe to develop and implement a program for students from the USA and Switzerland to attend classes, participate in social services delivery, and explore the richness and diversity of South Africa and Kenya.


Makaia is a social not-for-profit organization that promotes the institutional strengthening of civil society organizations, social enterprises, local governments, not-for-profit organizations and Social Responsibility Initiatives in Colombia and Latin America. We collaborate with Makaia on projects leveraging the potential of Information and Communication Technology for development.


The Software Technologies Lab is a university research, outreach, and service arm within Virginia Tech. STL develops customized software to meet the specific needs of its clients, which include government, corporates, and institutions. STL utilizes its extensive experience, expertise, and access to the latest in computing research to adapt the most appropriate software technologies to meet the unique needs of its clients. We are working with STL to design, develop, and implement web-based communication platforms that meet the needs of organizations to enhance their capacity in fostering collaboration, networking, and knowledge dissemination.

WellD Sagl

WellD Sagl offers software solutions, services, and consulting with a specific focus on web communication in Switzerland and Italy. WellD provides its customers with targeted support to design, develop, and evaluate the most effective technological solutions for their specific contexts and needs.