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Social Marketing

Our senior staff has been at the forefront of social sciences for the past 30 years. Our approach to social marketing is rooted in the deep understanding of behavior change theories, and we are able to bring our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to develop comprehensive social marketing projects to tackle a wide range of issues.

We build on our expertise in social marketing to help you design, develop, and implement high-impact projects. We work with you to ensure both the sustainability of your organization and the quality of your project by

  • Creating a culturally appropriate approach
  • Making efficient use of scarce resources
  • Establishing a sound monitoring and evaluation system


Most people know they need to eat more fruits and vegetables, get more exercise, and reduce fat in their diet to be healthy. Yet, the obesity trend over the past 20 years has increased dramatically. Similarly, many campaigns and projects involving HIV prevention, cancer screening, or road safety have been successful in increasing awareness, but typically did not result in behavior change.

Social Marketing is a combination of marketing principles and social sciences that is used to create awareness AND behavioral change. The key components of Social Marketing are identifying target groups (market segment); determining specific behavioral targets (concurrently conduct needs assessment and define metrics for success); Assessing key behavioral determinants – including both environmental and systemic factor as well as psychological factors such as attitudes, beliefs (myths), culture, group dynamics; Identifying a platform (delivery system) most likely to be attended to by target group (e.g., sports gathering and team, theatre, schools, holiday camps,…); Creating and disseminating messages and change efforts; Monitoring and evaluating the impact, using feedback to refine efforts.